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Mold determination by material samples

Mold determination by material samples

Molds often grow covertly and as a result of prolonged elevated moisture levels in the affected material. In order to trace the exact cause of mold damage, the molds present must be determined at the species and genus level. This requires a material suspension and examination of the culturable molds.

The samples are suspended in our accredited laboratory and the culturable molds are identified morphologically. From this, GBA Group can derive a statement on the contamination of the material by culturable molds with a listing of the species and genera involved as well as a possible mold cause. The evaluation of the existing molds and the material contamination is carried out according to the mold guidelines of the Federal Environment Agency.

Fragments of possibly contaminated building material samples are examined in the laboratory. For this purpose, we need 1 - 5 g of the material to be examined, packed in a separate bag and labeled. The GBA Group can examine all conceivable building material samples. In most cases, analysis is worthwhile if the materials have previously become moist.

The incubation period is 7 - 10 days according to accepted standards. Subsequently, the morphological evaluation / identification of the molds takes place, including the preparation of a written report.

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