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Labeling & Packaging

GBA Group - Primary and secondary packaging services

Primary and secondary packaging services

The GBA Group offers primary and secondary packaging services for clinical supplies. We focus on complex trial designs and aim to provide the most compliant and effective packaging design and supply chain management solutions. 

The labeling of clinical supplies is a critical step in the supply chain. When our experienced team is involved at an early stage of the project we can offer competent advice on strategic questions (e.g. kit pooling, packaging design and labeling). 

Translations are carried out by native speakers and verified in accordance with the legal requirements applicable in the respective country. 

Labels can be produced in-house according to your specific requirements in a wide variety of specialist types, ranging from simple single-panel polyethylene stickers to highly sophisticated security-coded booklet labels. Labels are produced in-house, keeping timelines flexible and short. Our expertise allows us to produce labels for all temperature ranges from ambient to ultralow freezer (-80 °C / -112 °F) and liquid nitrogen. 

We have several rooms for labeling and packaging as well as for the cold chain production of clinical supplies. 

Our flexible project teams have the necessary experience and the ability to handle all requirements – open-label, double-blind, cross-over and just-in-time approaches. 

GBA Group - Short List of our Labeling Services

Short List of our Labeling Services

  • Verified Translations
  • Legal Advice on Local Requirements
  • Single Language/Panel Labels
  • Multi Language Labels
  • Booklet Labels
  • Polyethylene Labels
  • Tear Off Labels
  • In-House Label Printing (GMP-Compliant)
  • Generation of Randomisation Codes/Kit Lists
Alle Services

All services for

  • Bespoke Primary and Secondary Packaging
  • Carton
  • Polyethylene
  • Bottle Filling
  • Over Encapsulation
  • Powder Filling
  • Cold Chain Labeling
  • Blinding
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GBA Group - Labeling & Packaging

Labeling & Packaging

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