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LKF - Central Laboratory

LKF Central Laboratory

Independent medical laboratory to support clinical trials of phases I – IV.

LKF is an independent medical laboratory founded 1991 to support clinical trials of phases I – IV. From planning to completion, the broad spectrum of services covers all aspects of the laboratory part of clinical trials. LKF has considerable experience and expertise in a variety of clinical indications, their diagnosis and therapy.

Within its global network of partner laboratories located in the Europe, North and Latin America, India and China, LKF offers worldwide laboratory services for clinical trials. Dedicated and experienced project managers are assigned to each study ensuring a long-term consistency within a project.

From the beginning, LKF was aware of the importance of a continuous and timely information of all responsible persons involved in a clinical trial - and we are convinced that communication is one of our strengths.

Lkf news

LKF News


Registration of DHL Shipments

New phone number for the registration of DHL shipments:

+49 228 902 435 11

The old number is no longer active and there will be no redirection to the new number.



We are modernizing our website design and menu navigation and are widening our information spectrum.

All general information, news, downloads, as well as the RDV login will remain in their original form.


Omicron COVID-19 variant in Africa

Due to the new COVID-19 variant, some airlines are operating on restrictive service, making transports into and out of Africa challenging.

LKF is in close contact with all courier services to maintain a reliable supply chain. Updates will be posted regularly.


Moving back to the new normal

During the pandemic situation, we have experienced new ways of flexibility in working which are possible without a loss of individual services and overall quality. However, meeting colleagues face to face brings back a lot of comfort and well-being to each workplace.


LKF goes robotics

LKF has now implemented a new automated liquid handling system, the Flow Robotics flowbot™ ONE. It assures precise and accurate pipetting process and, thereby, leads to reliable and consistent results for our clients.


30 years dedicated to clinical trials

We would like to thank all colleagues, clients and partners for their trust, reliability and contribution to our success. We are looking forward to the next exciting challenges with you!


Liquid Biopsies and Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) analysis

With the CELLSEARCH®CTC system, LKF provides a convenient, standardized and reliable technology for the monitoring of cancer treatment efficacy to our clients dealing with clinical trials on advanced therapies in oncology.

LKF has set up a stringent quality management system based on the international guidelines GCP and ISO 17025. This ensures an excellent quality performance and enables us to prove the quality required for clinical trials at any time. Analytical quality is regularly certified by participation in proficiency testing programs, e.g. NGSP for HbA1c (Level I Certificate ) or INSTAND e.V.


Today, LKF has more than 150 employees and is a part of GBA Group Pharma.

Our company comprises 6 major departments:

  • Study Management
  • Lab Kit Supply
  • Logistics
  • Laboratory and Research
  • Data Management
  • Quality Assurance

The experienced and highly committed LKF team offers a variety of different services the following in areas.



Specimen Management

Safety Analysis

Bioanalytical Services

Proficiency Testing Certificates


Quality Assurance


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Central Laboratory

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