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GBA Group Food Germany:
Dr. Frank Schütt

GBA Group Food Turkey / Intercolab:
Fatih Yilmaz

Intercolab Uluslararası Laboratuvar
Analız Hızmetlerı San. ve Tıc. A.S˛.
Kazım Dirik Mah. 234 Sok. No: 14/D35100
Bornova/İzmir, Türkei

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Qualified sampling on site and smooth transport logistics of the samples

Together with our partner Intercolab in Izmir, we offer a comprehensive and flexible range of chemical and biological laboratory analysis, shipment inspection, and consulting in association with Turkey. Our customers are provided with the opportunity to order analyses on site and process the sample dispatch directly without any additional effort on their part. There is even the added benefit of improved quality assurance, as the sampling is conducted on site before the products are shipped from Turkey, which ensures that representative samples make their way to the laboratories and that ultimately the true quality of the goods will be identified. The Intercolab team can also draw upon their long-term experience in the field and they have been working in close cooperation with the GBA experts in Germany for several years.

Raw produce from Turkey plays an integral role in the food industry. With its particular geographic location, the country provides the opportunity to cultivate a wide variety of produce. Therefore, the site in Izmir is very important, because it is the place where numerous raw goods are delivered, processed, refined, packaged, and shipped to the European market. Furthermore, Izmir is the focal point of the organic food industry, a field that demands the expertise of the specialists at the GBA Group, who have been the primary contact for analytical issues for many years. Further regions where the GBA Group and Intercolab provide their combined services are, for example, the Black Sea coast, which is the worldwide leading grower of hazelnuts, or Central Anatolian Malatya, with their world-renowned apricots. From the analytical standpoint, in addition to the sensory tests and microbiological assessment, the analysis of pesticides and mycotoxins are extremely important for these products.

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The entire analysis spectrum of GBA Group Food
GBA Group Food

The entire analysis spectrum of GBA Group Food

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