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Every year MOSH and MOAH come again - But this time not alone!

Every year MOSH and MOAH come again - But this time not alone!

In addition to mineral oil hydrocarbon compounds, undesirable substances such as pyrrolizidine alkaloids, tropane alkaloids and aflatoxins can also be found in popular ingredients for gingerbread and Christmas spices such as candied lemon peel, candied orange peel, nutmeg, coriander and aniseed. Pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PA) and tropane alkaloids are natural substances that are mainly formed by certain plants, e.g. the St. James' Cross or deadly nightshade, and serve as protection against predators. Whereas the aflatoxins are mould toxins (mycotoxins), which are known to be extremely carcinogenic.

Equipped with high toxicity at times, the maximum permitted levels are extremely low. Due to this and the ever-increasing variety, mycotoxins are basically permanent residents on the European rapid alert system for food and feed safety, as well as the focus of contaminant monitoring for any responsible producer or importer.

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