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Natural sweetness for products - Trend ingredient coconut blossom sugar

Natural sweetness for products - Trend ingredient coconut blossom sugar

The food industry is under pressure. The ever-increasing health trend is producing alternatives to industrial sugar. Coconut blossom sugar is a natural, unrefined sugar from the coconut palm, which is more nutritious and less blood sugar-increasing than normal sugar.

Consumers acknowledge this and are turning to coconut sugar after coconut water and coconut milk already proved to be appreciated. Interest in natural ingredients and sweeteners will only increase in the coming years, pathing the way for the success of honey, coconut blossom sugar and stevia.

A development that is also being closely watched by food producers. Alternatives to sugar have long been considered in product development. In the last three years, the import of coconut sugar in the EU has steadily increased. Its use in products also continues to rise steadily.

Coconut blossom sugar as a vegan sugar alternative has a place among the trend ingredients.

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