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Trend ingredients for 2022 - Seeds & Kernels

Trend ingredients for 2022 - Seeds & Kernels

Sunflower seeds in salads and chia seeds in yoghurt, these are applications of seeds and kernels that are known and loved. But seeds & kernels are also increasingly used in baked goods, cereals and snacks.

This trend ingredient not only makes for interesting textures, but also has a positive impact on nutritional values. Seeds and kernels are rich in protein, fibre and are a source of vitamins.

The improvement of a product's sensory properties as well as the health benefits ensure that consumers are increasingly turning to products with added seeds and kernels. They are already used for pancakes, crackers, and biscuits.

For us, this is reason enough to hold on to seeds & kernels as a trend ingredient for the coming year.

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For more information on the analysis of nutritional values in seeds & kernels, click here.

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