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New livestock lab for Lavetan in Belgium.

New livestock lab for Lavetan in Belgium

Lavetan, our site in Turnhout offers testing services to the food and livestock industry. Now Lavetan is putting nearly 800 square meters of new laboratory space to use for livestock analyses, with a focus on ELISA and PCR techniques.

The additional space will support Lavetan’s growth ambition and also allow further automation and digitization. The new laboratories are specifically designed to optimize the performance of PCR and ELISA techniques. Sample preparation and detection for PCR are carried out in separate and spacious laboratory areas. The ELISA tests are largely performed by robots.

The expansion of the laboratories for ELISA and PCR was also the perfect time to get additional accreditation for certain tests:

  • Salmonella serotyping: with DNA microarray hybridization, we can report 135 common serotypes.
  • STEC (shiga-toxin producing E. coli) or EHEC (enterohemorrhagic E. coli) by means of PCR
  • BELAC, the official accreditation organization in Belgium, has also granted us a flexible scope for PCR testing on food.

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