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Vanilla food fraud exposed

Vanilla food fraud exposed

The production of natural vanilla for food manufacturing is time-consuming and cost-intensive. Producers are therefore increasingly turning to synthetic vanillin, which is cheaper to buy as a flavor ingredient. In 2019, France's Directorate General (DGCCRF) commissioned an investigation into whether vanilla products and vanilla-flavored foods comply with legal requirements. After three years of laboratory work, the results have now been published.

Out of 22 sampled vanilla beans, one out of four do not comply with the legal requirements according to Regulation (EC) 1334/2008. One out of four vanilla samples was blended with already extracted vanilla beans, another sample was made from vanilla beans that were dipped in vanilla flavoring.

This deception is particularly disastrous for processors and consumers. Those who produce products with "fake" vanilla risk penalties and product recalls. Check right now if your products comply with the values and are therefore safe. GBA Group – know what’s inside.

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