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Molds - useful and dangerous!

Molds - useful and dangerous!

Molds are everywhere, they belong to the essential microorganisms of our planet. They make an important contribution to the functioning of our ecosystem. However, there is of course the other side to molds: They pose a problem for humans and animals not only due to the role they play in food spoilage, but also when they appear in the form of black stains, dark patches on walls, or musty smells in rooms. In interiors, they are not only structural defects in the form of an active infestation, they are also a danger to humans in some cases. The spores that are carried through the air represent a potential health hazard.

As an accredited laboratory for molds, we use validated testing methods in order to analyze samples from materials, surfaces, and air. We use both cultivating and non-cultivating methods in order to identify the genus and species of the molds that are present. Our experts interpret the results with regard to possible causes of mould. We provide support:

  • Remediation inspections
  • the monitoring of air conditioning systems (VDI 6022)
  • Hygiene Inspections
  • the investigation of moisture damage
  • the investigation of contaminated building material
  • testing for faecal or urine contamination and signs of wood-destroying fungi

Through our accredited laboratory analysis, the results are recognized as the basis for court opinions.

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