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Seminars – Training

Seminars – Training

Requirements, standards, directives and guidelines are constantly changing. We guide you through these changes and bring clarity:

  • with practice-oriented training courses and information events
  • with the latest information and developments
  • for staff working in the fields of development, production, quality management and regulatory affairs
  • with experts with many years of experience in testing and standardization
  • with basic and advanced seminars

Aktuelle Termine


Wichtige Aspekte bei steril ausgelieferten Medizinprodukten

  • 20.06.2023, Augsburg
  • 26.09.2023, Tuttlingen


Reinheit von Medizinprodukten: Produktionshygiene, Produktreinigung und Überwachung – einschl. DIN TS 5343 wie auch ISO 19227 und ISO 10993-18

  • 21.06.2023, Augsburg
  • 27.09.2023, Tuttlingen

Aufbereitung von Medizinprodukten – DIN EN ISO 17664/ANSI AAMI ISO 17664 (3rd edition) / RDS 007 (3rd edition)

  • 22.06.2023, Augsburg
  • 28.09.2023, Tuttlingen
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