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Ethical conduct is at the heart of our business. We are committed to the highest levels of transparency and responsibility in all our operations. Through a series of comprehensive measures, guidelines and certifications, we demonstrate our deep commitment to our stakeholders, society and the environment.

Compliance - Code of Conduct

The GBA Group's Code of Conduct sets out clear and binding standards of behavior that apply to all our managers and employees. In conjunction with our Compliance Management Policy, this Code forms the foundation of our Compliance Management System. Together, these guidelines ensure compliance with the highest ethical standards and promote a culture of integrity and mutual respect.

Download Code of Conduct (PDF)

As a requirement for our suppliers, our Supplier Code of Conduct represents a binding standard of conduct for cooperation with the GBA Group. This is how we fulfill our responsibility in the supply chain.

Download Supplier Code of Conduct

Supply Chain Due Diligence Act

We are aware of our corporate responsibility to respect human and environmental rights. We are therefore committed to respecting these in our own business activities and in our global supply and value chain and to providing access to remedy for those affected by human and environmental rights violations.

Download: Management Policy Statement (PDF)

If you have any violations or other criticisms / complaints that you cannot resolve directly with your account manager, please use the following link to our reporting portal.

To the whistleblower reporting portal: Reporting portal GBA Group

Download: ESG complaint process

Accreditation & certification according to ISO standards

Our accreditation to ISO 17025 and certifications to ISO 14001 and 45001 in Germany demonstrates our commitment to environmental protection, occupational safety and scientific precision.

These standards are the foundation for our sustainable growth and our contribution to a responsible industry.

Goals and Guiding Principles

Based on our integrated management system, which covers the areas of quality assurance, occupational health & safety, and environmental management, we have established the following fundamental goals and guiding principles for our company.

Environmental Management

  • Protection of the environment and prevention of environmental pollution
  • Use of renewable energies and implementation of further decarbonization measures
  • Continuous improvement of environmental performance through quantifiable operational targets
  • Economical use of resources
  • Consideration of environmental compatibility and occupational safety in our analytics
  • Anchoring environmental protection in the organization
  • Hazardous substance management to reduce the use of hazardous substances
  • Waste reduction
  • Use of devices with low energy consumption
  • Avoidance of environmentally harmful substances when using products

Customer Satisfaction & Quality Assurance

  • Achieve a high degree of customer satisfaction by providing high-quality service
  • Work reliably and competently while observing legal and technical regulations
  • Deliver services on time and maintain a relationship based on trust with the customers
  • Handle complaints quickly and professionally
  • Deal with legitimate complaints correctly
  • Increase cost-effectiveness by using processes that prevent potential errors
  • Maintain contact with the customer even after the order
  • Work with clients to monitor the performance of GBA, e.g. with customer visits to the laboratory
  • Provide acceptable value for the price
  • Maintain fair partnerships with subcontractors and suppliers (also applicaple for internal suppliers and customer partnerships)

This also applies to relationships with internal customers/suppliers.

Employee Satisfaction / Safety

  • Motivate employees with further education and training
  • Protect employees by providing safe and healthy working conditions
  • Take appropriate measures to prevent injuries and work-related illnesses
  • Fulfill our obligation to eliminate hazards and minimize health & safety risks
  • Include employee consultation and participation through the workers council

Continual Improvement

  • Be responsible towards the owners and the company group
  • Comply with the legal framework and binding obligations
  • Fulfill the requirements of all parties involved
  • Continuously improve the integrated management system
  • Continually assess methods and procedures:
    • whether they work reliably, precisely, and quickly,
    • whether they are inexpensive,
    • whether they are up to date, modified, and/or new in view of the flexible accreditation.

Environmental Report

If you are interested in our current environmental report, please contact:
Imke de la Motte

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