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LKF and Amedon - New features added

LKF and Amedon - New features added

After the launch of the first web-based solutions for laboratory data management the development continues.
Amedon, which is specialized in developing and delivering web-based solutions for clinical research, and LKF, the central laboratory for phase I - IV of clinical trials in northern Germany, have now collaborated to develop a feature that enables real-time tracking of study kits.

Dr. Gerrit Schoenicke, MD (Managing Director of LKF):
"We have often been asked by our customers if there is not a way to track the path of the kits and samples more accurately. It starts with the single tube packed in the kit and ends with the sample capture at LKF or the reporting of the analytical results."

Bernard Brandewiede (Managing Director Amedon):
"Sample registration at the investigator's office or in the laboratory is done via barcodes using a barcode scanner, thus also eliminating transmission errors at the same time. Even more security. The entire chain of samples is traceable. In real time!”

Nikolaus Peterknecht (Managing Director Amedon):
"We see a lot of potential here to create added value for our customer. The entire chain from the packing of the kit to the arrival of the sample in the lab is now transparent for the customer. If we can achieve it, that the involved parties can find all the information in one system and have to search in different systems no longer, then the benefits for everyone involved are noticeably great.”

We know every project is unique and every project has specific requirements. Together with the customer we find the best solution.

Our tailored IT solution and central laboratory services help you to optimize processes and ensure the validity and integrity of all laboratory data and processes.

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