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Our colleague Axel Haack was given the great opportunity to showcase the GBA Group Pharma laboratories and he started with Pharmacelsus (Part 1/5). It was a great pleasure for him to get to know the colleagues on site and thus expand his network, but above all to see the services in action. He enjoyed being back in the lab and shooting the scenes with his colleagues.

Pharmacelsus is a member of the GBA Group and is at the forefront of innovation in pharmaceutical research. From drug development in in-vitro- and in-vivo-studies under non-GLP conditions to GLP conditions (G(C)LP) up to the clinical phase, Pharmacelsus plays a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical products. "It was inspiring to see how they integrate the latest technologies and methodologies to drive innovation in the industry. Looking forward to more insightful experiences and breakthroughs on this incredible journey!", said Axel, Content-Manager - Pharma & Medical Devices.

He is excited about the collaborations and opportunities that lie ahead within the GBA Group Pharma & Medical Devices laboratories.

Together, we're contributing to the future of pharmaceuticals and making a meaningful impact on healthcare.

The next Part 2/5 is in the pipeline, so don’t miss it!

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