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Coronavirus Update ABF

To our valued customers,

We at ABF want you to know that we are committed to you. We are closely monitoring the pandemic, following guidance and advice from the World Health Organization (WHO) and local health organizations.

Below please find the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) measures of ABF for now and under consideration of the expected development in the next week. As the infection rates are currently moderately rising, the Austrian Government is taking additional actions from next week on to minimize the infection rate further. Considering this step-wise actions, ABF is also stepwise adapting its measure for BCP accordingly.

Hygienic Measures - ABF staff has been additionally advised on regular hand washing and disinfection (applies already per procedure) - Disinfection is possible at every hand washing sink in the facility (applies already per procedure) - Staff has been advised this week to minimize social contacts as announced per the government and to avoid public means of transport as good as possible - Employees are asked to work from home if possible - Courier drivers should be kept distant from warehouse personnel and not enter the facility to avoid close contact to ABF staff during inbound shipments - From next week on, logistics team will further minimize external packaging materials during inbound shipment, e.g. external palette plastic wrapping will be completely removed before product is place on storage and palettes will be wrapped with new plastic coming from ABF - Logistics team will wear regularly replaced gloves during material handling and wear mouth cover when dealing with external people (e.g. courier drivers), as well as keeping those distant - Escalation measure if necessary: warehouse, as well as PM/QA will be separated in two teams and two shifts: one morning shift until noon, second shift in the afternoon with no with no overlap/physical handover between the shifts. Administrative and operational teams will be separated during working hours, production (labelling/packaging) will be reduced according to team separation and peoples availability. - Office tasks will be shifted to home office as good as possible including batch release review

Logistic Measures - We are in close contact with our standard couriers to monitor logistics development within EU, but also internationally regarding import/export from/to USA and Asia. The update meetings (calls) with the couriers are held at least twice per week - We do know that there will likely be increased costs, but our goal is to ensure deliveries within your timelines and we are focused on meeting your needs.

  • Governmental announcements are monitored regarding limitation of peoples travels and potential limitations of goods movements

Please cooperate with us and:

  • Inform us when shipments are critical due to supply levels or patient conditions.

  • Forecast your needs as far in advance as practical and be flexible with supplies to avoid situations becoming critical

  • Minimize requests to our project managers to not overwhelm them as they provide increased focus on critical and emerging needs

Operational Measures - Business travels of ABF staff are suspended for the next two months - Client visits at ABF are reduced to the absolute minimum - Client audits at ABF are already shifted in cooperation with the clients to summer/autumn 2020

We will review the appropriateness of these measures continuously and provide updates accordingly and if we need to escalate the measures either per WHO/local Government recommendations or according to business limitations due to further reduction of flight connections, rising of costs, etc. Any substantial change or escalation will be communicated actively from ABF.

Should you have an additional / specific questions, please contact Dr. Andreas Nechansky (Managing Director) or Dr. Elisabeth Lackner (CEO) at

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