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Installation of a high-end autoclave for all our reprocessing and sterilization studies.

GBA MDS - new lab

Another milestone reached!

One of the latest devices in GBA Group Medical Device Services new modern laboratory has been installed and is ready for future use. We are proud to have commissioned a prime autoclave from the globally established and recognized manufacturer MMM Group. With this newest addition to our state-of-the-art facilities, we are ensuring that the quality of all our (repeated) processing and sterilization studies is of a superior standard!

The MMM Group autoclave provides high quality steam, excellent evacuation of non-condensable gases and accurate temperature and pressure measurements. These are all necessary requirements to ensure the sterility of the desired medical devices. Together with an easy-to-use interface that allows parameters to be changed with little effort, this results in flexible parameter adjustment and high accuracy of the tests performed in our laboratory.

We are pleased to have this device in our facility to perform optimal sterilization and accurate documentation of all our sterilization studies. Get more information at:

GBA MDS - Integrity of sterile barrier systems


Trust on the decades of experience of GBA Medical Device Services in planning and test performance of your packaging validation as well as of Key2Compliance in Technical documentation and Regulatory Affairs.

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