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An Inspiring Journey for a Sustainable Future

Sustainable business has been a central theme at Lavetan for years. The goal is to achieve a high level of sustainability within three years. However, this aspiration is not driven by a desire for recognition or certification, but rather by our recognition of the necessity for our own existence and the well-being of future generations. Recently, Director of Lavetan, Jan Robrechts, embarked on an inspirational trip to Japan in collaboration with the entrepreneurial organization, Etion. The trip provided him with valuable insights to elevate Lavetan's sustainability efforts to the next level.

"Being sustainable is an attitude in Japan, not a technology." – Jan Robrechts

The Power of Small Contributions

Sustainability is evident in both significant and minor aspects, an understanding deeply ingrained in Japanese culture. "While nuclear power and its sustainable implementation are understandably considered, the Japanese people also emphasize the importance of smaller, often overlooked elements. For example, they have unique manufacturing practices where lights are automatically switched off in unoccupied areas, conserving energy. Similarly, hotels have moved away from offering individual bath products to emphasizing sustainable practices, such as using refillable containers."

"Being sustainable is ingrained in the culture of Japan. You feel like people are doing this because it fits into their way of life. Not because they are seeking external validation through labels or certifications."


Balancing Tradition and Innovation

Japan is renowned for both its rich traditions and its innovative spirit. "This paradox is strikingly evident in the Japanese approach to business. The Japanese people do not discard their past; instead, they carry it forward, incorporating traditional values into their work and relationships. Simultaneously, they actively explore ways to fully automate production processes, reflecting their commitment to progress and innovation."

A Culture of Respect

"During our visit to various companies in Japan, one aspect that left a lasting impression was the deep respect observed among individuals. In contrast to Europe, where the focus tends to be on the individual, Japan prioritizes the community."

Director Jan Robrechts noticed a distinct approach to interaction between employers and employees, regardless of their position:

"Whether you are a director or a craftsman, everyone demonstrates respect towards one another. Colleagues are supportive, welcoming, and readily offer assistance, often expressing their respect through bowing. This emphasis on mutual respect aligns perfectly with Lavetan's core values of respect, responsibility, and entrepreneurship."

Sustainability as the Standard

As we reflect on the first year of our three-year plan to enhance Lavetan's sustainability, we are proud of the progress made. We have already saved tens of thousands of tags, banned paper from the company and reduced the number of miles driven by hundreds of thousands. Fueled by the inspiration gained from our experience in Japan, we are committed to forging ahead into the future with sustainable business practices as our new norm.

We extend our gratitude to Kurt Leuridan of Tokay Optecs and Etion for organizing this incredibly exciting trip to Japan, which has been a catalyst for our sustainable journey.

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