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Customized solutions for quality managers through collaboration GBA Group BeNeLux (Lavetan), nuTIQ and QAssurance

Customized solutions for quality managers through collaboration GBA Group BeNeLux (Lavetan), nuTIQ and QAssurance

The pressure on quality managers in the food industry has been increasing for years, more and more additional, complex issues are coming their way. Today, they are more generalists than specialists and need (specialist) support to continue ensuring food safety. GBA BeNeLux (Lavetan), nuTIQ and QAssurance are joining forces and making the lives of quality managers easier, by offering customized solutions with their complementary services and expertise.

Offering more by working together

It is a synergy of three independent parties that reinforce each other, with their combined knowledge and solutions, they are helping quality managers faster, better and more completely. "We believe in a holistic approach, that by working together we offer more," states Axel Haack, business development manager at nuTIQ ." In addition to each other, we also have our partners around the world, which is the key to the best solutions."

European and national legislation around food safety is becoming increasingly complex. Suppose you always want to be up-to-date and need more overview, then the digital food safety systems of foodtech company QAssurance offer the solution.

New, effective way of working

nuTIQ provides an extensive range of services, including risk and supplier assessments and production. The GBA Group laboratories perform laboratory analyses, indispensable in food safety policy for food products. Bas van Driel, manager & sales director at GBA Group BeNeLux (Lavetan) : "This cooperation bundles the lab, production and digital side of the food safety market, creating a new, effective way of working towards the future."

Van Driel: "The lines of communication between the parties are short and effective, there is always one of us who has an appropriate answer to a request for help. Our solutions enable quality managers to oversee their tasks again and have more time to focus on important matters. This allows them to work proactively and preventively, instead of only reactively."

Sharing our knowledge with the market

GBA Group BeNeLux, nuTIQ and QAssurance share their knowledge among themselves, but also with quality managers and other customers: they organize webinars and seminars on contaminants, for example, or on how to keep your production staff up-to-date in terms of food safety legislation. "We thus put our networks and expertise to full use," says Haack.

Another relevant topic is: how do you create a food safety culture? By teaching in this, they are helping the industry move forward as independents. If a culture of food safety is in the workplace genes, any food fraud won't have a chance either. Says George Anthony Miedema of QAssurance, "We all have years of experience in the same ecosystem and can help develop food safety and authenticity, which are basic needs for both people and businesses."

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