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Hygiene inspections of air conditioning systems according to VDI 6022

Ventilation and air conditioning systems (in short RLT systems) serve to exchange and circulate the air in operating and recreation rooms. An RLT system contributes significantly to the indoor climate. For a good hygienic condition of the system, regular hygiene inspections by competent and independent third parties are essential. As a competent and independent service provider, GBA Group is available to answer all questions relating to the hygiene inspection of HVAC systems. Our accredited asbestos analysis service includes determining whether your HVAC system is a potential source of asbestos and KMF fibres (e.g. in fire dampers). A possible microbial contamination of the HVAC system, such as moulds, bacteria or yeasts, is analysed in our accredited mould laboratory. Our experienced team will also support you with regard to air hygiene training category A according to VDI 6022 part 4.

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