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Enzyme Activities

Phyto-enzyme rapid test

Plant enzymes and their activity are of great importance for the quality, stability and efficacy of medicinal drugs and derived extracts or extract preparations.

Comparative studies on the occurrence and activity of secondary metabolites degrading enzymes have been carried out already in the 50s on approx. 90 drugs.

The plant's own hydrolases (glycosidases, oxidases, phenol, etc.) and their activity is particularly critical with regard to the stability of fluid extracts and liquids. 

Our experience in recent years has shown repeatedly a more or less significant decrease in the content of the lead substance selected for the stability studies (e.g. flavonoid glycosides, ginsenosides). This may lead to a termination of the studies.

GBA Pharma Labs have established a test system called phyto-enzyme rapid test. With regard to stability testing, this provides a wealth of information in advance, as it gives a first indication about the expected stability of the product. Therefore, the test system can help manufacturers of plant extracts and herbal drugs to avoid problems and save time and money during stability testing.

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