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In addition to the traditional matrices in the environmental field soil, water, and air), we also provide analyses of biota samples. The term “biota” describes all living organisms in general; in the environmental analysis, it is generally understood as plant material, but it also includes animal-based sample material such as mussels for fish. The analysis of biota is primarily gaining importance in the context of state monitoring of waterbodies. Industrial pollutants such as heavy metals, fluorosurfactants (PFOA/PFOS), or polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) accumulate in organisms through the food chain and, due to their adverse effects on health and reproductive health, not only pose a risk to the functionality of the individual ecosystem, but also to human health (especially in waterbodies used by the fishing industry). Analyzing biota samples for contaminants is the only way that we can gain meaningful data about the contamination of waterbodies and derive targeted measures for conservation and remediation. Based on our decades-long experience in this sector, the GBA Group possesses special methods for processing and measuring that produce strong evidence.

Compost and Fermentation Products

In the analysis of compost and fermentation products, we also demonstrate our long-term experience in environmental analysis and our constant efforts to achieve more modern and efficient measurement. This is part of our routine work. High-quality compost constantly has to be monitored. We analyze compost samples and digestate samples in the appropriate technical manner in accordance with the German Organic Waste Regulation (BioAbfV) as well as the guidelines provided by the German Federal Compost Association (Bundesgütegemeinschaft Kompost – BGK).

Our nationwide presence enables us to provide you with expert consulting and active support even when dealing with state-specific guidelines. We also provide you with sample containers, organize the transportation of the samples to our laboratory, and can even conduct the sampling for you with our qualified and accredited sample-takers. With our help, you can verify the quality of your compost and improve it.

Material Samples and Plastic Samples

In addition to environmental analysis, GBA also analyzes material samples and plastic samples. Conducting tests based on the German regulation for restricting the use of hazardous substances in electronic devices (ElektroStoffV) and/or the European RoHS guidelines has been an integral part of our analytical spectrum for many years. In this case as well, we have experienced specialists and special methods for sample preparation and measurement that are specifically adapted to the material samples. This ensures precise and dependable measurement results as well as swift processing.


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Chlorparaffine als Flammschutzmittel

Informationen zu Chlorparaffine als Flammschutzmittel finden Sie in unserem Flyer zum Thema.

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PFC (poly- bzw. perfluorierten Chemikalien) / PFAS (perfluorierten Alkylsubstanzen)

Unterschätztes Schadstoffpotenzial durch Freisetzung aus Precursorn?

Analytik von Poly- und perfluorierten Chemikalien (PFC)

PFC können durch Waschprozesse mit dem Abwasser in die Kläranlagen gelangen und sich dort im Klärschlamm anreichern.

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