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Mineral Oil Hydrocarbons (MOSH/MOAH) in Food – “Once Every Year” or even more often…

This time it´s not (yet) the chocolate in the advent calendar in which residues of mineral oil were found. Only recently, infant milk powder / baby food (Foodwatch News 24th of October 2019) followed by vegan meat substitute products (ÖkoTest November 2019) showed residues of mineral oil.

In the latest issue of the ÖkoTest magazine different vegan burgers, meat substitute products and plant-based patties were analysed. The results show, residues of mineral oil are found in nearly every second burger and every third burger contained GMO-traces. The test contains 18 different products.

The GBA Group has successfully carried out MOSH / MOAH analysis for several years using state-of-the-art analytical technology.

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