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Every year MOSH and MOAH come around again

Mineral oils are hydrocarbon compounds (MOH: Mineral Oil Hydrocarbons). They can be subdivided into the two groups MOSH (Mineral Oil Saturated Hydrocarbons) and MOAH (Mineral Oil Aromatic Hydrocarbons). Structurally related to MOSH are the so-called POSH (Polyolefin Oligomeric Saturated Hydrocarbons). Investigations conducted by the European Food Safety Authority found that MOH are present in almost all food products. In particular, in the case of dried food products with a large surface area, such as e.g. spices, flour, semolina, rice, breadcrumbs, or breakfast cereals, you cannot fully rule out the risk of contamination. Fatty foods as well, such as chocolate, butter, nuts, or cooking oils, could be contaminated with mineral oil hydrocarbons. These compounds can end up in the food products in a variety of ways. Potential paths of contamination include the packaging materials (recycled paper, printer ink, jute or sisal sacks treated with oils for waterproofing), lubricating oils from production or harvesting machines, food additives (anti-sticking agents, coatings, glossy agents, anti-dusting agents), gas emissions from the surrounding environment, and many more.

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