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Future-oriented, enthusiastic, open to new opportunities

The GBA Group is a young company, even though we have just celebrated our 30 th anniversary. When we say “young” we mean forward-thinking, enthusiastic, open to new opportunities – and always keen to find new colleagues.

The chemistry really works at our place – and not only when it comes to analysis. Teamwork is a decisive factor in the success and rapid growth of the GBA Group in recent years. Togetherness is important to us and our philosophy revolves around open and honest communication. We embrace new challenges and solve them together – the ones we set ourselves and the ones presented to us by our customers.

Things never come to a standstill at the GBA Group and there’s no place for boredom. Dynamism in in our DNA. We invest in the future; in new ideas, knowledge and perspectives. Nothing is set in stone, everything is in flux. Do you have an idea how we can improve our processes, increase profits and support our customers even more effectively? Talk to us, we’d love to hear from you. And vice versa: we are convinced that our knowledge pool will grow if we share with others. We are constantly striving to develop fresh perspectives for our company and for every single member of our team.

Our management strategy has a clear focus on trustworthy cooperation and reliable partnerships, generating an atmosphere of mutual confidence and respect. At the same time, management sets clear frameworks and aims: we all strive towards a common goal to ensure success for GBA. Getting the very best results for our customers relies on the collective efforts of the whole team.

And what else influences the environment in the GBA Group? You too can play a part! Naturally, we want our staff to be proactive and demonstrate commitment to the cause. In return, we are, of course, more than willing to listen to our employees’ wishes and concerns. Compatibility is more than just a word when it comes to family and professional life – flexibility and individual solutions are part of our concept.

Does this strike a chord with you? Are you interested in a role, which is rich in variety and comes with individual responsibilities? Are you ready to work in a highly professional, quality-oriented team? Do you want to make things happen? Can you be one of the people to shape the future of the GBA Group? Send us your application for a specific role or simply on your own initiative. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.


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