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Detecting contaminants

Indoor Air Quality

Checking indoor air quality has many benefits: You discover the first signs of contaminants in interior spaces, get a clear picture of what renovations are required, or recognize the presence of mold even before it is visible on the wallpaper.

The laboratories of the GBA Group can support you in several different ways.

In order to find out whether organic contaminants are present in your air – e.g. from wood protection agents, carpet adhesives, or plasticizers in your PVC flooring – an external appraiser sets up an ambient air pump with the appropriate sampling medium on your premises. Over a certain period of time, this pulls air across the medium, which in turn captures the contaminant(s). Subsequently, the analysis provides information about the type of contaminant, its concentration and origin.

Especially after removing asbestos, the indoor air quality has to be measured. In this case, the free measurement gives a conclusive indication of whether or not the site was properly cleared of asbestos. For this application, the GBA Group provides you with sampling pumps such as the BPP 4-8, available either for rent or purchase.

The BPP 4-8 is a compact and stackable sampling pump that was constructed for the fastest possible assembly and measurement of various contaminants, such as asbestos, artificial mineral fibers, or PCB. Due to its user-friendly design, laypeople can also operate the sampling pump after only brief instructions. In order to start the sampling faster, the pump contains eight programmable storage cells and their programs can be initiated using just two buttons.

All of the attachments required for taking air samples, such as the sample tube and power cable, are stored in the pump’s carrying case so that you can conveniently transport everything to the location to be measured. For larger series of measurements, the pumps can be stacked so you can carry multiple pumps at the same time. Due to the integrated electronic mass flow measurement, you do not need any additional gas meter. The pump regulates the flow to the predefined target value automatically during the entire measurement process. You can also recalibrate the pump yourself using a volumeter.

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